Sløtface – Beta

It’s been around two years since the Norwegian punk outfit Sløtface (pronounced slutface) dropped music and a lot has changed in the time period not only within the outside world, but also within the band. Now a solo endeavour of the lead vocalist Haley Shea, their previous punk orientated sound has moved towards a more forward facing pop sound akin to Christine & The Queens and Caroline Polachek. It’s a risky task to undertake but Shea has transformed this project into something that retains the majesty of their previous with a contemporary pop twist that will entertain old and new fans alike. So get prepared to witness a rollercoaster ride of a journey because their debut single as a solo outfit is rather spectacular.

Connecting with people in the age of social media has never been more difficult, with countless Instagram influencers having superficial looks that’ve left millions of people insecure about their body, appearance and almost everything at this point. That’s what Beta is here to combat. Fighting against the wave of negativity that’s become associated with social media and instead giving us all a much needed confidence boost. The triumphant production with a ride or die attitude encourage us to lift out head high, stop trying to act like something we’re not and just embrace the power of our own self. Their vocal prowess is unmatched in this single and will undoubtably find its way onto the radio airwaves and a plethora of Spotify playlists.

“”Beta” was the very first song Mikhael and I worked on together in his studio. It should be listened to while wearing sunglasses, even on cloudy days! The song is about wanting to connect with people on a deeper level, but feeling like social media sometimes gets in the way, with things becoming somewhat intimidating, shallow and superficial. The song is a confidence booster for myself where I’m trying to be cooler than I am. It was written at a time when I really, really missed the rush of playing live, and I needed to find some of that spark and edge in myself that only really comes out on stage.”

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