GIANGI, a name that represents intuition, enlightenment, dreams, anxiety and charisma. This collective could not of chosen a better name for themselves if they tried, just one listen to any of their intoxicating singles and you’ll soon realise the pure amounts of unbridled talent they possess. London has birthed some royal powerhouses of the past few years in all aspects of the music world. Be it grime, pop, R&B or rock the city has a wide pool of talent that consistently amazes everyone across the globe, but this burgeoning creative collective have got something those others don’t. I can’t put my finger on it, but with their impressive array of melodies, lyrics and downright impressive visuals they manage to burn brighter than roman candles exploding across the nights sky in a dazzling display that leaves audiences in awe.

You can dive into their Soundcloud and see their talents for yourself but their latest release JIMMY FALLON is their standout moment. Their witty lyrical wordplay litters the soundscape with their tongue in cheek brand of storytelling, heck they even manage to fit a Lightning McQueen reference in there, as they flow in and out of one another, allowing each individual to get their moment in the sun. The vibe filled production is reminiscent of something you’d expect to see at a underground indie fashion party with the idiosyncratic beats bubbling and popping to match the charisma of their performance. Get them on Jimmy Fallon ASAP.

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