Sophia Alexa – House of Cards


Mixing together folk inspired pop music reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell with subtle electronic flourishes to add a compelling edge, Sophia Alexa arrives in staggering fashion today as she hopes to build a solid foundation for her skyscraper sized musical dreams to be fulfilled. Often feeling like an outsider her music speaks to the outcasts of the world, helping them all find solace within her words as she stands out from the crowd and unashamedly embraces her unique tendencies and expressive capabilities. Music was the one thing she would cling onto, the one thing that made her feel less along and she’s now becoming the voice she needed so desperately when she was young. She’s the underdog we all want to route for because we see ourselves in them and her spellbinding debut, complete with dreamy vocals and an ethereal presence with a mystical quality, proves she’s a future champion we’re all getting behind.

With emotion collapsing down upon us like the namesake, House of Cards is a shining example of passionate storytelling performed through an authentic lens that leaves us in a puddle of our own tears, enamoured by what we’ve just heard. The searingly personal lyrics are a deep dive into the emotions she hold close to her chest whilst her celestial voice projects her insecurities and worries into the world that she hopes won’t come crumbling down like the title says. Magical melodies wrapped in a wistful melancholia, this is a debut that catches your eye like a model wearing the latest spellbinding fashion and New York fashion week and has my jaw hitting the floor with every note.

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