Poolfire – Radio Man

On the outside Poolfire’s latest single is an uplifting summer filled vibe fest with coruscating guitar melodies, a lo-fi vocal adding to the hazy soundscape and a thumping bassline propelling the piece forward into heavy rotation on my summer playlist, however when you look a bit closer you’ll see something slightly more sinister. Behind the masquerade Radio Man is in-fact a rather somber number, narratively speaking, that details the desolate fate of the leading character of the same name. That’s what I adore about this track, the juxtaposition that means you can turn your brain off and lose yourself in the wistful nostalgia of vibrant melodies or choose to dive deep into the lyrics and allow yourself to be consumed by the emotion of the number.

This Guatemalan-American artist says he’s on a mission to break down barriers in music and with one listen to this single you’ll see how he’s already close to achieving that. Dive head first into this number and get Poolfire on your radar because he’s got that special something.

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