aryy – redflags

You’d never expect a ukulele driven song with such a bubbly atmosphere to harbour a darker message beneath it, but that’s exactly what this artist has done in her latest release. Akin to the likes of Dodie and rainbow frog biscuits, aryy juxtaposes her sound of happy-go-lucky melodies, that belong in the latest Animal Crossing game, with ominous lyrics about an emotionally manipulative relationship where you’ve finally taken off the rose tinted glasses and see the barrage of redflags surrounding them. Whilst they do contain a more solemn message, the lyrics have a playful energy around them, still detailing the horrors and disgusting treatment she underwent but portraying it through a more optimistic lens as she shows her growth from this situation. Going from fighting for crumbs of affection that keep her hooked on this guy to not even giving him the time of day. Yes those red flags slowly disappear as she walks of into the distance and onto brighter pastures where the flags are nothing but green, putting a little smile on my face in the process.

The Brazilian born artist now resides in California and is ready to channel her own experiences into her introspective soundscape. Looking at the brightside of everything, we see how even the most painful moments in life can allow us to blossom into something as vividly beautiful as the sunset on Santa Monica Pier.

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