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It’s been a busy year so far for Bluebiird, the artist project of Emily Osment, as her debut single Black Coffee Morning recently came out to a big amount of love and on top of that she’s set to star in a new Fox Drama. She’s not stopping there though because today she dropped a follow up track which is a stark contrast to her debut.

Whilst her first single had this Beck styled folk charm to it, Sailor actually moves into more of a pop territory whilst keeping the atmospheric nature of her debut that left so many people falling in love with her sound. Bluebiird’s vocals really shine here too, especially during the chorus where you get these low notes that are very country-esque along with the guitar melody that backs her too. However it’s the climax at the end that really steals the show where you have a grand production back the powerful nature of her voice to create an emotionally gripping end to superb piece of music.

Bluebiird is going from strength to strength and I honestly think that Sailor is one of the best songs Emily Osment has released in her career. If you’re into the likes of Beck then this is something for you.


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