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Every time I listen to the Icelandic songstress Hildur I never fail to feel amazed, but having already won Pop Song Of The Year at the Icelandic Music Awards, it’s no real surprise that she manages to craft ethereal pieces of art. We fell in love with her previous honest, coming of age single 1993 and her latest track Woman At War has us falling in love all over again.

With a reminiscent vocal styling of Kate Bush, especially during the chorus, Hildur’s enthralling vocal simply glides over the soundscape below, piercing through and being instantly recognisable the moment you hear it. The production does help to amplify her vocal further with a minimalistic take on the traditional pop backing, featuring subtle drum beats and ethereal synths that come together to help create this magical atmosphere that just transports you to a whole new world. Merge all that together with some compelling lyrics and a quirky sensibility and you’ve got a mesmerisingly beautiful piece of music.

Iceland have a new rising star in Hildur and it’s safe to say that Woman At War is the latest track to be added to her hit list. Dive into her discography today, you won’t be disappointed.


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