Alex Amor – dare you

Going outside of your comfort zone is the key to growing as a person, not sitting idly by being content with the world around you but instead pushing yourself to do things you never thought were possible. This is the overarching message of the Glasgow born musician Alex Amor, who grew up singing in choirs and is now preaching her own message to her congregation of fans about the simple joys of risk taking in her latest diaphanous pop track. One listen and you’ll realise why her last name is Amor.

Crooning over a breezy soundscape of easy-going melodies as she flips between blithe vocals and delicate talk-rap sections, dare you encourages us all to take life by the horns whilst the sun is still up and leap out of our comfort zone into the somewhere terrifyingly exciting and new. Whilst you’d usually expect a track with this message to have an over the top production it’s actually the minimal sound that makes this idea more enticing. Using little nuances throughout we see how Amor is venturing away from her sound, adding little pieces of flair in the production, a synth instrumental during the chorus and even a calmer vocal styling that we’re used to seeing. Simple but effective, this song leaves behind a lesson that will ruminate in your mind long after the track finishes playing.

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