Downtown Kayoto – Hello World


Hello World not only features one of the best pieces of cover art of 2020, but also marks the beginning of a new era of Downtown Kayoto’s musical journey, cementing him as one of the best upcoming UK artist’s around. Seriously this alternative R&B artist, with his poetic flair and versatile soundscape, is about to put his home city of Hull on the map in a massive way. At the core of his music since the very beginning has been his expressive lyrics, through his use of vivid imagery we become apart of his tale, being a fly on the wall where we bare witness to the stories he tells like an award winning narrator. Even within his new sonic world, you never feel like a stranger, you always feel at home and that’s what makes his gallant displays of unflinchingly authentic emotion so special.

Covered by harsh shadows, he goes down a darker route within this new era, pulling back the curtain to reveal the inner workings of his mind to see the thoughts that’ve been racing through his head during lockdown. The feelings of loneliness that come from the self isolating present and introspective musings about his mental and emotional health, all shown through his confessional lyricisms. The production complements his introverted thoughts further, a minimalistic style representing the quietness he’s felt the past few months before being contrasted by hard-hitting Drum N Bass beats showcasing his erratic thoughts and chaotic feelings throughout. Intertwining this with his cinematic video and you’ve got something that showcases every aspect of Downtown Kayoto’s talent.

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