Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger

As life goes on, we often leave behind the people we once loved as we grow naturally apart, but we always leave a bit of ourselves in them. That little piece of advice or the timeless memories live on in them so that a part of you is left with them and, in return, they give you apart of themselves. This thought is translated beautifully through Billie Flynn’s debut single Hey Stranger, a track that combines the emotional vulnerability of an Eva Cassidy track with Taylor Swift’s intimate soundscape in Folklore. Safe to say that even the water falling from a shower-head will find it hard to mask the tears you’ll soon be shedding.

The atmospheric production highlights the cinematic narrative of a chance encounter with a long lost friend who you hope will be proud of who you’ve become, and if they’ve heard this song I’m certain they’d of become a superfan of all Billie Flynn has become. In this debut she offers us a piece of her heart and, in return, the least we can do is offer our love for this song.

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