Ola Village – Anger Problems

Opening with a choral chant of ba da ba da’s that could easily replace the How I Met Your Mother theme song, seriously it’s hard not to merrily sing along at the start even when you don’t know the words or melody, the Norwegian artist Ola Village certainly knows how hook you with an opening. Anger Problems becomes even more enticing when the story comes to light, a wonderful tale of finally winning an argument… in your head. Yes, those fights we all replay time and time again in our heads now has a theme song to commemorate our win and, in all honesty, this is a glorious victory track, move over Eye of the Tiger.

The dreamy style of the production gets this hazy vision of this argument in your head as you indulge yourself in having every comeback imaginable to counteract whatever they utter. The vibrantly optimistic electric guitar compliments the charismatic vocal before that bubbly hook will have you reliving this triumphant moment over and over again as you quietly sing it under your breath. There’s no argument needed here, this is a certified bop!

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