Lydia Ford – Not Gonna Be Friends

Whilst past pop icons became known through happy-go-lucky danceable numbers that injected serotonin straight into your veins, the modern pop landscape differs, instead going for the sad tracks like Drivers Licence, Someone You Loved, the list goes on. The Irish musician Lydia Ford doesn’t venture into either though, she takes a different route by creating emotional pop numbers that will have you deep in your feelings whilst dancing for joy in the process. Imagine Robyn’s Dancing On My Own mixed with some of Avril Lavigne’s spunkiness and you’ve got something that’s very close to what Ford is pulling off.

The coruscating production of Not Gonna Be Friends gives uplifting summer energy, if you blast this out in any car ride you’ll be having the time of your life, but is quickly contrasted by her morose lyrics that captures heartbreak through a kaleidoscopic lens beautifully. It’s a wistful indie pop, dance infused dream that, if you haven’t become addicted to her sound beforehand, is the perfect introduction. Dance and cry along to this right now.

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