Lydia Ford – Burning Out

Lydia Ford has been dropping music since 2017, but my first introduction to her was in 2021 when I stumbled across her single Not Gonna Be Friends. Everyone else was creating emotionally driven songs that were designed to make us ball our eyes out, I’m certain that year was designated make a ballad year, Ford did something different. She still made music that emotional pop, but did it in away that made you want to dance for joy in the process. Think of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own and you’re already part way there. It’s been two years since that release though and now it’s time for me to venture back into her sound with her latest drop.

Burning Out maintains that same tender pop sound that I’ve come to expect from her, but this time there’s more of an edge to it. The Irish artist has added a bit more grit to her delivery but also a sense of hope. The track is accumulation of highs and lows that’ve blended together to form an enthralling piece of music through her honest songwriting. It’s an authentic portrayal life; it’s not a smooth ride where you end up broken, there’s valleys in-between the peaks, and she’s showcased that. No hiding behind a faux social media post, just a 100% real single.

Her debut album Faking It is coming out sometime in September this year and will build upon the themes in Burning Out. If you’re a fan of good pop music and have a soft spot for musicians like Maisie Peters, then Lydia Ford is someone you should be listening to.

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