OCTAVIO the dweeb – Someday I’ll Be Happy


Born in Monterrey, Mexico but moved to Kentucky when he was 5 years old, OCTAVIO the dweeb never felt like he belonged wherever he went, until he moved to Knoxville when he was 16 where everything changed. Going from Catholic School to public school, he was able to freely express himself through his clothing as opposed to being in a school uniform, going from no sense of identity to beginning to discover who he was and what he truly wanted. He got into art and drawing, but one dull summers day when he picked up his dad’s old guitar and began to strum whilst humming a lullaby tune, he suddenly felt like he he knew exactly who he was. Recording freestyle raps and uploading them to Soundcloud, testing his songwriting talents by pushing himself further than he thought possible and singing from his own subconscious, he knew he wanted to do something bigger than the usual go to college, get a job and then retire plan.

All of this built up to the release of Someday I’ll Be Happy, an anthemic single that features a compelling hook that was made for stadiums where everyone would be belting it straight back at him on stage. The raw lyrics pack an almighty punch as they form a sonic portrait of his own world views with his evocative vocals ferociously dashing across the canvas of his soundscape that will instantly resonate with all of Gen Z. As he sings, “My life’s a piece of art I’ll be a paintbrush,” we just know what he’s painting will certainly be a masterpiece.

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