Heath240 – LIVE


If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the rising Bostonian Heath240 then take this moment to breathe it all in, don’t do something else whilst this plays in the background, just indulge yourself in some music that is utterly marvellous in every-way shape and form. His musicality has always oozed star quality with his previous release Chirp sounding like a modern day interpretation of those classic Disney Princess songs where the animals would help them get dressed with his distinct R&B soundscape leaving me under his euphonic spell. He’s an exemplary artist who will be the archetype for artists after him, his music is out of this world and now his visual aesthetic matches that to a tee.

In LIVE we get given a laidback hazy summer anthem that gives us more insight into his lyrical candour that his pristine vocal brings to life in an animated fashion that makes the sonic world feel all the more vibrant as a result. The aesthetics are top notch as well with the over-arching story he manages to portray in just under four minutes being something I’d expect to see at Sundance or Cannes, especially when you combine it with the high quality cinematography on display. I can just see critics rating this 5 stars before audiences become captivated with the visual and sonic joy they’re experiencing.

His name is Heath240 but he might want to change it to Heath001 because nobody is beating him right now. No doubt he will be selling out stadiums soon.

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