I might be biased, being based there and all, but London has one of the best music scenes in the world and TEMPESST are a prime example of the quality there is here, sure they’re Australian but they’re in london now. Their brand of indie-psychrock has managed to capture and delight fans on a global scale with the band performing at an upcoming SXSW showcase, which is also why they’ve released their latest single Is This All That There Is.

Speaking about the inspiration of the track their frontman, Toma, said via email, “I was at Little Cove, a beach in Noosa. It’s a little stretch of beach near a national park, it was totally filled with people. I just sat there in this ideal setting and realised how strange people are, especially when they’re at the beach. I wrote about what I saw and how it made me feel.”

The track continues with their 60’s/70’s psych rock influence mixed with that surf rock styled music with a hazy production of swirling guitar melodies and slick percussion melodies that is somewhat reminiscent of The Beach Boys when they were in their prime. It’s filled with incredible summer vibes mixed with evocative lyrics like, “What a bore to be obsessed with dying / Like I’m the only one to put up a fight,”  that will have you questioning is this all that there is?

If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your summer then TEMPESST are the band to go to with Is This All That There Is being the first track to go on your playlist. If you’re at SXSW then you need to check these guys out and see them live!

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