There is something very intoxicating about Benedict Cork’s vocal, there’s just something so endearing about it that makes listening to his music feel like an emotional journey. The British artist released his first EP back in 2018 and since then has opened for Brit Award winner Tom Walker and written music for Adam Lambert, so it’s no surprise that his latest offering is something to be excited about.

Fear of Lonely manages to tap into that fear that we all often experience of being forever alone, it’s a feeling that manifests inside us and builds until it’s the only thing we can think about and Cork manages to express this effortlessly through his poetically poignant  lyrics. The minimalistic production consisting of only of a melancholy guitar melody, occasional piano note and gentle beats creates an intimate atmosphere that enhances those lyrics even further. However it is Cork’s evocatively emotive vocal that steals the show with it coming to climax during the bridge when he ends a lyric a hushed whimper that just pulls at your heartstrings.

Benedict Cork wears his heart on his sleeve when writing music and Fear of Lonely is a prime example of this. Poetically captivating lyrics, a stunning production and a compelling vocal that all come together to create a heartbreakingly beautiful masterpiece in pop music.

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