Time to get my dancing shoes on again as Blu DeTiger has dropped another track that looks set to be apart of my party playlist for many months to come. Her infectious debut track In My Head was the perfect way to introduce her brand of electronic funk to the world and her follow up Mad Love builds on this even more.

DeTiger’s talk styled vocal works perfectly with the laidback yet intoxicating production consisting a funk influenced guitar riff that gets your head nodding along with ease, a soft 90’s influenced percussion section to get your foot tapping and some house based synths to finish it all off. This layered soundscape is the backbone of the track that makes you want to listen to it over and over again, along with the melodic hook that gets stuck your head after just one listen.

Blu DeTiger continues to impress with her latest offering and if you’re looking that gets you in the mood to dance then look no further than Mad Love. It’s an electric track that I can only define as a stadium anthem that could get whole stadium up on their feet excited for what’s to come.

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