Hazlett - Fireworks [ARTWORK].jpg

With a passionate vocal and a natural gift for songwriting it’s really hard to not get emotionally invested in Hazlett’s music with each track having his signature cut-throat lyrics. His music often finds the beauty in the little mundane things that happen within everyday life, but in his latest track Fireworks he gives an open and honest portrayal of his transition from everything is wrong to everything happens for a reason.

“I wrote this song after a night in Croatia with my then girlfriend,” He explained to us through an email. “We bought some cheap fireworks from the corner store and set them off a rooftop after dinner. It was bittersweet, they made magic look so easy and all I wanted was for her to look at me like that. But I think if you have it, you have it. Love shouldn’t be work, love is magic.”

He manages to craft an intimate vibe instantly with a looping synth gently playing in the background as his husky vocal glides effortlessly over the top drenched with emotion. On first listen it just had be think back to my adolescence, it has the youthful nativity to it along with these solemn lyrics and a magical atmosphere that makes every note feel like something special.

Hazlett’s second EP is set to be released later this year and if Fireworks is anything to go by, we are in for a superb piece of musical brilliance.

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