Earlier this year Bren Joy released Scottie Pippen, a track that I fell in love with from the moment he sang, “Coach please put me in the field.” His stunning vocal left a striking impact with chills traveling up my spine as the track progressed to a grand finale. I became an instant fan and was hotly anticipating what he was capable of doing next. Then he releases a track that happens to be one of my favourite tracks of the year so far.

Twenties is a laid back track with Joy’s heavenly vocal being the main focus and rightly so because every time I hear him hit those high notes I feel as if I am flying. The production feels like a stylish mix between jazz and old school RnB with a simply piano melody leading the track with percussion section consisting of just a lone snare drum. Mix all that with the relatable lyrics about that adolescent feeling of falling in love in your twenties and this track becomes an instant classic.

Twenties is one of the best tracks of 2019 so far and Bren Joy continues to impress with each release. He’s an artist who knows how leave a lasting and loving impact.

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