Mega – New Light

In this social media era we’re currently residing in our own self worth has slowly begun to diminish as we see hundreds of our friends putting on a show by only displaying the parts of themselves they want us to see and, as a result, we often try to do the same. We put on a masquerade where our mask hides the trauma that lies underneath because what other people think about us often effects our self esteem, whether it be good or bad it will always leave an everlasting impact upon ourselves.

It’s a difficult world to navigate through when we’re plagued by it everywhere we turn and the rising songstress Mega explores her own growth as her a human being and journey to self love in her latest single. New Light is an empowering ballad filled with poetic lyricisms that could’ve come out of an Oscar Wilde novel mixed with mesmerising vocal that allows the emotion to come cascading down upon you as the somber piano melody gently plays.

Speaking about the track Mega had this to say, “Sometimes our self-esteem is driven by other people’s opinions of who we are. When those opinions are negative it can often leave you with a skewed sense of self. One of the hardest things to do is to unlearn the negative things that we have believed about ourselves for so long and to give ourselves the self love that we need. ‘New Light’ is about the beginning of that self-love journey. It’s my journey of self discovery which involves me growing confident in the person that I am becoming.”

Long after the song has finished playing you’ll find yourself pondering the message she has eloquently put together in such a way that it’ll forever leave an impact upon yourself.

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