Tom King – Hiding Away


18-year-old artist Tom King has been making waves in the British music scene over the past year now with his emotive brand of storytelling and compelling pop sound striking a chord with many music lovers across the nation. His vocals oozes this heartfelt passion that makes the stories he sings about make even more of an impact on you and today is no different with his latest single Hiding Away being my favourite track from him to date.

“I wrote Hiding Away with Jonathan Quarmby in a session at RAK Studios,” Tom King begins to explain. “I spoke about an experience I had with someone where everything was secretive and all I wanted to do was break free from it. We came up with the line ‘Hiding Away’ and it all fell into place. I love songs that tell a story, so wanted to incorporate that when writing the lyrics in the verse. I love the feeling the song has; it’s liberating and uplifting. The video was loads of fun to shoot. It’s the first music video I’ve shot with a team of people. Jack was an amazing videographer and Laurie had come up with a great concept and storyboard. I really enjoyed searching out the locations in my neighbourhood. I’d never realised there were so many cute houses! We started filming about 4pm and finished around 10pm. While we were packing up the neighbours asked us to turn down the music, so it’s just as well we were finished by then!”

The lyrics are so empowering as they tell you to fearlessly live your life being true to who you are and trying to fit into any box that people put you into. King’s vocal is the highlight of the whole track though with his glorious vocal piercing through the emotive production in a spellbinding fashion that makes allows the emotion to just consume you and take you into his world. Combine that with a gorgeous video and you’ve got something that is a treat for both the eyes and the ears.

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