Jonah Ward – Current

Crafting a sonic universe filled with fun pop melodies that Carly Rae Jepsen would be jealous of and amalgamating that with weird alternative textures and authentic lyrics, the North Carolina musician Jonah Ward makes music that makes you want to dance like nobody is watching and also cry your heart out too. His debut False Confidence demonstrated this in abundance and the reaction encouraged this 17 year old to opt in and graduate high school two years early. Honing his craft, his ever expanding multifaceted soundscape took flight with his out of the box production style finding new ground that left us begging for more.

Today he’s released his sophomore single Current and, as expected, it’s a unique follow up that explores his cross over of idyllic sounds. Diving head first into the sea of emotion experience throughout our life, Ward makes an instant connection with his earnest lyrics reading like a stream of conscious thought that scarily relates to our own. The gossamer electronics bubble over the surface of the buoyant bassline as his smooth supreme pop vocals glide across as if they were riding a wave over it all. It’s fun pop music with a wonderfully quirky edge.

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