Gabe Goodman – When I Say That I Love You

Gabe Goodman is one of those artists who can enthral you with just an elegantly earnest guitar melody and his emotively honest voice. He creates music that is here to sooth our heartbreak, it’s a cathartic experience whenever his music plays as it feels like you’ve got a friend by your side who is eloquently expressing all the pain you’re feeling without you ever saying a word whilst providing you a place of solace where you know whatever you’re feeling is never going to be questioned. His music is melancholy but, at the same time, it’s joyous. He creates a beautiful sadness that reminds us why love is such an amazing thing and makes the healing process all the more easy.

When I Say That I Love You sounds like the credits song at the open end of a romantic movie. It expresses love in its purest form by questioning whether or not the person you’re telling you love knows exactly what those words mean to you, “I wonder when I say that I love you / Do you have any idea what I mean?” The stripped back soundscape pulls you into a world of quiet conversations, late nights staying close to each other and car drives that lead to nowhere. This song is what love is all about and it makes you feel less alone in a self isolating world.

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