Partyhous3 – No Good ft. Cayte Lee

Producer Partyhous3 describes their music as the soundtrack to the nights out you’ll never forget and after diving head first into their discography I can only confirm how true that is. However what I love is that they don’t go with what a traditional memorable night out would sound like, no high octane beats or uplifting melodies, instead they go for a more somber approach that captures the subtle beauty of those moments we cherish forever. Previous releases have been vibe filled offerings that replicate the type of music you’d play when chilling out with friends and now, in their latest release, they’re here to soundtrack your heartbreak.

No Good featuring the celestial vocals of Cayte Lee tackles both sides of the love spectrum, one half focusing on the butterflies we feel fluttering in our stomach when feelings begin to surface and the other half dissecting the pain heartbreak can bring to us. The ambient electronics build upon these beautifully tender lyrics further through the intimate atmosphere they bring, allowing Lee’s vocal to make an instant connection that will have you believe and be heavily invested in every word she effortlessly utters. A stellar offering to kick off both of these musicians sensational 2021 accounts.

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