Cat & Calmell – Dumbshit


The Australian pop scene is slowly becoming one of my favourites in the world right now with countless new acts emerging out of the shadows and into the spotlight like No Frills Twins as one of the many examples. Well now we can add another artist to that list through the New Sydney pop duo Cat & Calmell who’s scintillating pop debut is a ready-made chart topper with a jubilant chorus filled with a coruscating kaleidoscope of vibrant synth melodies and a hook that was made for singing along with all your closest friends without a care in the world.

Speaking about the track the duo said, “It’s about being in your youth and not taking anything seriously; enduring the repercussions of doing dumb shit and just copping it on the chin.

There’s a wistful nature to this track with a sense of nostalgia washing over the lyrics whilst simultaneously making you feel so triumphant, yes we did dumbshit in our youth but we wouldn’t have it any other way because that’s what made those memories so damn enjoyable. It’s an ode to the wanton disregard of our adolescence presented through a compelling pop track that will no doubt be the soundtrack to many teenagers adolescent years.

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