Surf Curse – TVI


We’ve all become accustomed to the iconic pop punk rendition of the Scooby Doo theme tune, all I’m saying is that if there’s ever a need for another unique interpretation of that theme then Surf Curse should be the first band those producers call. You just have to look at the music video for their latest track TVI where we get to see them go on their own wacky Scooby Doo themed adventure. The high octane production of life-altering guitar riffs clashing against the thumping percussion that propel the piece forward transforms the piece into a bonafide summer anthem. Like something you’d expect to see in a coming of age movie, the track wastes no time in encouraging you to break out of your comfort zone, explore the world with friends and go out to make lifelong memories. The lyrics encourage you to stay out of trouble, never going too far in the amount of raucous fun you set out to endure but, as I’m certain we’re all aware, even they know sometimes we lose ourself in these moments.

Surf Curse have captured the golden hour of the day and injected into the very core of their sound. Filled with a sun-kissed melodies and fervent sound that’s perfect for this glorious weather, be sure to add them to your summer playlist.

“TVI is an anthem about trying to stay out of trouble, whatever your trouble might be. The chorus chants, ‘Take your time, free your mind, I can do this everyday,’ as the mantra, but by ’10 o’clock TVI give me mine take me away,’ you’ve succumbed…the ultimate loss of self and control…letting go.”

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