Lexi Jayde – Oldest Teenager

I’m personally a sucker for coming of age movies and the soundtracks that go a long with them, they just manage to capture the feeling of adolescence in a way that is unrivalled. You can listen to the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club and you get flooded with memories of your youth and as I begin to 17 year old Lexi Jayde’s latest track Oldest Teenager I get that feeling with her hazy folk infused indie rock sound leaving me with nostalgic flashbacks to my own youthful days.

There’s a warm inviting nature to the production with the soft alluring guitar melodies drawing you in before her clever lyricism’s about her own adolescent experience of growing up faster that her cohorts takes ahold of you as her airy vocals delicately float around you and send you into a state of pure bliss. With only two tracks release Lexi Jayde is already proving herself to be one of the next big talents to watch with her mature songwriting and fresh sound looking likely to send her to the very top. Dive into her music below.

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