Ori Rose – five year plan

My only reference to a five year plan is Cody from The Suite Life of Zach & Cody where he used it to try and date Bailey… I doubt that’s what Ori Rose had in mind when he originally wrote this track but here we are.

Jokes aside, Ori Rose has been a main stay on this platform for sometime with the young musician’s brand of pop being as catchy as the common cold and the appeal of Shawn Mendes during his prime. I find myself consistently going back to my discography whenever I’ve got a group of friends round and need something I know they’ll all enjoy. Now A.S.A.G. went from being only on my playlist, to being in heavy rotation on all of my friend’s playlists. Looks like they’ll have another one to add now with his latest drop.

Five year plan is about the anxiety that looms over you as you witness your friends move further ahead in their life, whilst you’re stuck and confused about what you’re doing. The fear of letting his parents down weighs heavy on Rose’s head, his diaristic lyrics depict his inner monologue of his consistent state of panic over the situation. His voice remains somber throughout, never finding the brightside, seemingly getting more in on himself about his journey through life. The reality is, it’s never easy to see others succeed whilst you’re stuck in park, but it just takes one clean start and you’ll find yourself up with them.

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