mehro – chance with you


Mehro’s music is best described as pure poetry with his insightful lyricisms being reminiscent of a young Elliott Smith and many people calling him the Gen Z Jeff Buckley and, in all honesty, I think there’s some hefty weight to that statement. His music consistently dives deep into the human condition as he lyrically explores what it means to be human through interweaving narratives that deliver a greater message that is far bigger than himself. His previous track Lightning remains one of my personal favourites to come from 2020 and chance with you might be doing the same thing for 2021.

Thematically the piece is about regret, specifically the regret of not taking your chance with that special someone. His lovelorn vocals yearn for the ability to go back in time and grab that moment by the horns for the chance to have his idyllic fantasies become reality as the emotive production of expressive guitars and emphatic drums plays on. It’s a beautifully melancholy tearjerker that delivers an almighty emotional punch that Floyd Mayweather would be jealous of and have you reaching for the tissues in mere seconds. Gorgeous stuff and we highly recommend once you’re done here you dive into his whole discography.

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