Arya – N95

Arya might’ve only made his presence known to the musical world at the book end of 2020 but he certainly made an everlasting impression. Hailing from Los Angeles, California his musical journey started from a young age where he learnt to play the piano and violin in quick succession, as time went on he fell in love with the process, diving into production stylings and learning all he could about creating music, he even managed to intern with Hans Zimmer to compose for cinema. This alone explains why his debut single N95 feels like it belongs in a Richard Linklater movie, I mean I could easily see this playing in Boyhood.

There’s something so genuine about Arya’s sound that makes you connect with him instantaneously as his lo-fi bedroom pop sound mixed with a subtle Jazz undertone begins to take ahold of you and gently pull you into his sonic universe and make you never want to leave. With all the uncertainly and ingenuity going on in the world right now it makes sense why this song takes a slightly more positive and buoyant outlook on it all. It’s a simple story executed perfectly that will have you smiling from ear to ear, even if you’re wearing a mask.

Arya ยท N95

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