gglum – At Bay

Coming of age movie soundtracks are one of the first things that got me truly into music with soundtracks from movies like The Breakfast Club, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Almost Famous (ironically) soundtracking my own adolescence. Because of this I often find myself being drawn to tracks that fit into this universe at gglum’s latest single feels like it’s come straight out of a Greta Gerwig directed arthouse coming of age movie, heck even the music video feels like a trailer for it!

At Bay captures the feeling of adolescence effortlessly through the mesmerising lyrics, “Nothing new and nothing to remark of it / It still hits home regardless,” combined with a preternatural production of spaced out synths, blissful beats and euphonic melodies. Gglum’s entrancing vocal has an earnest quality to it that makes each word feel all the more real and as we reach the mystical end we’re left contemplating what exciting things this young artist will do next.

gglum ยท At Bay

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