Jany Green – Drippin

If you’re ever in a foul mood where you feel like everyone in the world is against you, nothing in your life is going right and you just want something that can give you an unbridled sense of joy and make the world feel a little less doom and gloom then the LA based high rising musician Jany Green is the musician for you. His previous release Little had me smiling from ear to ear throughout with its happy-go-lucky melodies and irresistible beats that made you feel like dancing, to this day it’s my go to happy song although it may have a contender with the release of his latest single.

Drippin continues to show why Green is one of the hottest prospects in the music industry right now with the insatiable rhythm this track offers mixed with his warm inviting melodies and jubilant vocals that are best described as a pocket full of sunshine for your ears. I won’t hide my unwavering love for this artist, he’s just got that special something that others don’t have and, as a per usual, he’s hit out of the park once again.

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