AIRPORTS – Party All The Time

After taking on two life threatening illnesses and the rollercoaster ride that is being a creative person in the modern era AIRPORTS, otherwise known as the DIY pop artist Aaron Lee, became an avid voice for personal development mental health. Fusing hard-hitting hip hop beats, swooning R&B melodies and classic pop hooks with his candid lyrical performance, his sound has hit a chord with fans across the globe and he looks to continue that today with his latest track Party All The Time.

The track is about a girl who you know you can’t be with because of how busy they are trying to gain a social clout as he explains, “I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a girl I knew who was literally just out every night clubbing and said to myself, ‘she just wants to party all the time.’ Although she sparked the idea, it’s more of an exaggerated story about a person you can’t love because they’re more into socialising than into you.”

There’s a blend of genres here with the production being very heavily hip hop influence whilst the hooks and general vocal performance go for a more pop punk feel, think Machine Gun Kelly meets GARZI. It’s an addictive number with an intoxicating chorus that will end up getting stuck in your head for weeks to come as well as raw lyrics regarding the situation and his impassioned vocal performance being the cherry on top fo the piece. Unique and something I’ll be revisiting quite often over the next few weeks.

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