John-Robert & Kathleen – Adeline

Well John-Robert has just released a new single and it’s a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Kathleen, this is basically means that you’re going to need a lot of tissues to make it through this song as it is a real tearjerker. Both artists are already known for their emotive story telling that makes you feel like you’re a fly on a wall watching the story unfold and evocative vocal performances so putting them together only enhances this further resulting in a track that was made to soundtrack your late night crying sessions.

Adeline is just an utterly gorgeous affair, every note is dripping with utter beauty with the intimate soundscape of somber guitar melodies, spaced out beats and mesmerising strings all coming together in such a fashion that it feels like it should be being played at the end of a movie like The Notebook. The two’s vocals blend gorgeously into one another in such away that the emotion is only increased and when you combine that with their poetic lyricisms you’ll find it hard not to be mesmerised by this pair. Truly euphonic stuff in every way imaginable.

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