Teezo Touchdown & Fred Flippstone – SUCKA!


We’re slowly becoming a Teezo Touchdown stan page at this point because every single track he’s released has been pure fire, we genuinely cannot get enough of his sound and with his fanbase growing bigger and bigger by the day it’s clear to see we’re not the only ones who feel the same. His razor sharp lyrical tongue comes out in full force today as he continues to grow his genre-bending sound with the uniquely ferocious SUCKA! in collaboration with Fred Flippstone.

The hook of this track is one of my favourite things I’ve heard this year with, “Don’t be a sucka, don’t be a busta,” having a 90’s rap vibe about it that I can see thousands of people screaming out in unison at any Teezo Touchdown concert. The punchy lyrics are sharp with their delivery with the impactful production being the perfect backdrop for both the artists in the track and the boss music video is just the cherry on top of it all. Safe to say Teezo has done it once again and the more he release, the more hyped I excited I get to see what he can do next!

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