PEARL – Montana


I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the rap duo PEARL since they dropped their debut single Órale a month or so ago and I fully understood the hype the second the track ended, no one was doing what they were doing with their poetically playful lyricisms and expressive latin flavoured production being utterly sublime. Now today they’re expanding on their sonic universe even more with a more somber and sentimental number in Montana that focuses on a loving relationship.

The production is top notch with a spaced out percussion section leading the track as their slick rapping flow and lusciously toned singing deliver their vibrant lovelorn lyrics, creating this dynamic contrast that is hard not to fall in love with. They’ve effortlessly crafted two tracks so far that have been so different to what everyone else is doing in the hip hop scene right now and with their fanbase growing and sound developing I can only see them continuing this hot run of form. Utterly brilliant stuff.

Must Read