Joel Culpepper – Thought About You


London based musician Joel Culpepper amalgamates the legends of old with new contemporary stars to gift us with a stylised soulful psychedelia that gives off the same air of confidence, awe-inspiring vocals and eye-drawing stage presence that made Prince an icon. Having already earned the respect of his peers in London’s underground Jazz scene and those who he looked up to, Culpepper now looks to the future to solely focus on inspiring the next generation to achieve their dreams and pursue what others deem impossible. His piercing vocal calls to us all and brings us into a world where anything is possible.

The funk driven rhythm of Thought About You brings back the mid-tempo love ballads that were prominent in the 80’s and gives the concept a contemporary kick. His divine falsetto soars above it all majestically as it is juxtaposed by the head boppingly good bassline before the lovelorn lyrics make you swoon for his sensually mesmerising sound. Perfect for playing outside your partners house with a boombox held right above your head.

Must Read