GANGS OF KIN – Mass Confusion

If you’re a fan of the 70’s era of funk, where no matter what club you went into you’d hear an addictive bassline that got your body grooving, but are also a fan of the modern reprisal of alternative soul (think Jungle) then you need to hop onto GANGS OF KIN. Amsterdam based artist, songwriter and producer has been performing since the tender age of 16, getting his teeth stuck into performing with his first love the piano and developing his raspy singing tone soon after.

From 2011 to 2018 he toured non-stop, developing his craft before eventually burning out. He sought after something that would revitalise his musical spirit, a spark that would ignite his passion to from a sonic world people could escape into, as well as something he’d thrive performing. With a love for Flaming Lips, OutKast, MGMT and Tame Impala, he swiftly figured it out and GANGS OF KIN was born. A cultivation of all his sonic loves that embodied him, a genreless sound that shifted with his passions.

Mass Confusion is an introductory track that hooks you from the offset. The shimmering surfaces are stylish for this era of music, with infectious rhythms wrapping around you and demanding your body to move. This isn’t a style over substance song either. Lyrically it depicts the onslaught of information we’re given these days, making it trickier for people to find common ground on all sides that leads to change. He demands we stop waiting, we push for change that can effect all those around us in good ways, rather than both sides poking holes in each others arguments consistently.

There’s no confusion here, GANGS OF KIN is a powerhouse artist in the making.

“I wrote Mass confusion when I started realising that due to ALL the information and miss-information we have access to these days, it’s hard to form an actual opinion on a topical subject. People say SO much.. say enough and you’ll find something to agree with on all sides. My conclusion is: Stop waiting. Change doesn’t come. Change is achieved.”

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