The Ensemble #6

LÌONDAH – Once it Passes

This is the debut single of the queer Glasgow based poet LÌONDAH who’s sound can be described as Josh Groban meets Bastille, a weird combination I know but after one listen to this track you’ll be hooked. His operatic choir like vocal leads the track with brooding melancholy production comprised of a soft guitar melody and a subtle string section creates a beautiful intimate setting for the poetic lyrics to come to life and hit you with the impact of a freight train. The track itself LÌONDAH says is, “about remaining resilient when terrible storms are over your head. No matter where you are, if you’re bound in bed by a darkness like I was for some months, you are never stuck. The sheets are sails, and you are travelling, always travelling on.” Overall a stunning debut and genuinely excited to see what he’s capable of.

Synead – The Rifts

What mesmerises me most about Synead’s music is the way she is able to juxtapose the intoxicating rhythmic melodies of her music with lyrics focusing on deep subject matters that will stay with you long after the track finishes. It’s very reminiscent of what Lauryn Hill was able to do during the 90’s with her music, Synead has just managed to bring all of that into the modern era whilst adding her own signature flair in such a way that leaves me quite speechless. The Rifts is a prime example of all of this and is my favourite track this stellar artist has delivered so far.

Nate Quest – Fade

Having released his debut LP Insignia a little over a week ago it’s really easy to see why Nate Quest is one of most compelling rapping talents around right now. His flow and lyrics have this classic feel that’s reminiscent of the likes of 2Pac and Common, which makes sense considering he grew up being inspired by them, but still manages to make everything feel so fresh and invigorating. Whilst the production of Fade is more chilled out Quest doesn’t hold back in his delivery, every word and note is delivered with such precision and emotional evocativeness that you’d think he’d be a veteran of the game.

Cinnäfinn – Journey to Enamor

The only way you can describe Cinnäfinn’s music is by saying that it is an explosion of pure colour. He’s a master producer where as you’re listening to his music you find yourself slowly drifting away as the melodies carry you away from your day to day worries and carry you into a whole new world where none of that matters. His sound is completely unapologetic, he doesn’t care what the trends are, what other people are doing or anything like that, he just goes in and creates music that is weird yet utterly enthralling at the same time.

Siena Liggins – Perfect

Tracks like Perfect by Siena Liggins are impossible not to listen to and smile like a goofy idiot because of how undeniably joyous it is. Genuinely it is easy to see why this is a fan favourite at her live shows because all you want to do is dance a long without a care in the world and belt out every single word like you were on stage performing it yourself. Liggins’ vocals are uplifting with her sweet tone being utterly perfect and the buoyant production provides the perfect backdrop for them. This is pop music at its finest, there’s no other way to describe it.

Tony Ferrari – Spend it All

I hadn’t heard of Tony Ferrari before stumbling across his latest release Spend it All and I wish I knew about him sooner because I’d probably of been playing his debut single on repeat for weeks at a time whilst simultaneously singing the hook of his latest single. It’s a catchy piece with a millennial whoop that will wriggle so deep into your head you’ll require an excavation team to get it out and when you combine it with the laidback R&B influenced production you’ll soon get addicted to his sound too.

Scuti – You Know

19 year old South London rapper Scuti is a powerhouse of a talent with her looking likely to let the music world alight with her lyrical prowess, distinctive flow and lo-fi hip hop based production all coming together to pack and almighty punch. She’s already become quite the star in the underground scene and as we listen to You Know it’s easy to see why with her dynamic sound managing to captivate me from start to finish as the hypnotic melodies leave me begging for more. Luckily we won’t have to wait too long as mixtape This is Skoo is set to drop on July 17th, mark that date in your calendars.

Red Rum Club – Eleanor

Summer has arrived which means we’re gonna be getting some beautifully sun kissed summer anthems over the next few months and already the Liverpudlian band Red Rum Club have smashed it with their latest single Eleanor. It’s a vibrant piece of music with choral chants, warm inviting melodies that draw you in, a sing-a-long styled hook that’s perfect for belting out on long summer drives and a jubilance that will put a smile easily on even the sourest of people. Could even see it soundtracking a Netflix teen summer movie starring Noah Centineo.

Lenii – Mood Swings

One thing that I love about Lenii’s sound is how different her vocal is compared to others within the genre. Most people have these pure pop vocals and then she comes out with this quirky folk vocal that’s reminiscent Julia Stone, it’s such a contrast that I find myself getting more and more addicted to her sound as the days go on. It’s the perfect combination of ethereal pop with hard hitting electronics to get this unique dynamic that is what Lenii thrives in. Gonna have this one stuck in my head for a few weeks.

Must Read

New West – Those Eyes

Knox – Sneakers

Babehoven – Fugazi

Rosenfeld – True