The Ensemble #5

Time for another weekly Ensemble and this time we’re diving into a variety of new tracks that we’ve had on repeat since the day they came out. Dive into them all, you won’t regret it with some of these anthems!

Divine Lightbody – Bothered

The Canadian musician Divine Lightbody takes the authentic and raw emotional sound of classic R&B musicians like Lauryn Hill and the passionate sound of Nina Simone and brings it into the modern era with her own signature flair and uncompromising passion. Bothered very much fits into this with her lusciously smooth vocal delivering her honest lyrical prowess over a 90’s influenced R&B production that is like her namesake, divine. At only 19 years of age it’s safe to say Divine Lightbody has potential to truly explode onto the scene.

Drew Thomas – Somebody You Needed

Drew Thomas is no stranger to the music industry having previously been apart of the band That Sunday Feeling that regularly toured and sold out across the UK, however in 2018 Thomas decided to go his own way and began producing his own solo music. Somebody You Needed is a good introduction to his cathartic sound with it being reminiscent of a more pop orientated Fleetwood Mac whilst maintaining a strong lyrical sensibility that represents the madness that this past year has been and how we’ve had to re-access out everyday life. Pop music to cry to.

Heir – Fear of Falling

Right now we need some of the feel good and infectious indie pop music to add a bit of jubilance into our everyday life and luckily the Leeds based band Heir have all of that in bucket loads. The DIY pop bands latest track Fear of Falling has an 80’s sensibility to it that makes it sound like it belongs in a classic John Hughes movie, just tell me you can’t see a Ferris Bueller like montage with this soundtracking it. It’s an explosion of vibrant colour that will effortlessly put a smile on your face.

Why-Axis – Bloodstain

Dublin based musician Why-Axis has said it best, “I make weird music, but that’s okay.” His music uniquely merges emotive stories with an insatiable rhythm that makes them perfect for late night jam sessions and his most popular track to date Bloodstain is the best example of this. Addictive disjointed beats melting into his Rex Orange County styled vocals create a buzz worthy sound and lyrics detailing a previous relationship and him trying to make things better are just the cherry on top.

Lil Mariko and Full Tac – Don’t Touch

These two blew up at the end of 2019 with their collaborative track Where’s My Juul becoming somewhat of a viral sensation, honestly one listen to the track and you’ll see how hard it slaps. It’s no real surprise that their follow up Don’t Touch is a stellar follow up, the production is extraordinary good with hard hitting beats and addictive melodies getting you invested in the sound instantly before Lil Mariko comes in with her signature screamo vocals that takes this whole piece to the next level. These two are some of the most exciting artists around right now and I’m so pumped to hear their further collaborations.

Erez Zobary – Blue (For Now)

If the Canadian artist Erez Zobary was born in Motown’s hay-day they she would’ve been a global star, there’s no real question in my mind about that. Her latest release Blue (For Now) is timeless in its sound with her soulful vocal having an enthralling quality to it that slowly draws you in until you get mesmerised by the performance happening in front of you. It’s a down to earth sound with a natural charisma that is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and the more I listen to her the more I fall head over heels for her music, as I am sure many others will too.

Freddie – Weak

Gender fluid and California based musician Freddie is a talent unlike any other with their audacious sound being unlike anything out in the world right now, Freddie in themselves is a genre. They take the R&B and Hip Hop genres before flipping them on their head by adding their own signature campy edge that elevates the sound to the next level. Weak is one of the highlights from their debut EP Melanin Monroe but I highly recommend you go and listen to the whole piece as it is an utterly gorgeous affair. Outstanding stuff.

Terra Cotta – Good For Now

Sometimes when you’re listening to a song for the first time you’re able to just be transported to a whole new world that leaves you utterly speechless and honestly when I began listening to Terra Cotta’s track Good For Now I fully experienced that. They just have an authenticity about their music that makes it feel like it’s just some friends jamming out, each track just feels so honest, real and raw as a result of this expertly crafted sound. It’s impossible to define their sound as it’s got so many diverse influences, all I do know is that it is exploding with creativity and emotion. Beautiful in every way.

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