Ell Ivy – You Love Her

Love is such an intense feeling that we often find ourselves falling head over heels for someone, loving them for the all the flaws and the wonderful things they share with us, but when that feeling is unreciprocated it turns that joyous feeling into one of devastation. British singer songwriter Ell Ivy has written a letter to an unrequited love through her poetically poignant track You Love Her that will pull at your heartstrings and have you think back to your past loves that never felt the same.

There’s a heavy beauty to the lyrics with them showing the unbridled optimism that love can give but feeling the dismay of those feeling in hindsight, “Soft spoken memories buried in time / Remembering old days they say love is blind.” The ambient beauty of the piece creates an intimate setting where the angelic yet emotionally evocative tones of Ivy’s voice tell you of the journey she’s been on that hits you with the force of a freight train and leaves an everlasting impact the second it finishes.

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