Axel Flóvent – Years


I’ve always said that if you can captivate an audience with just your voice and an acoustic guitar then you have a gift and Axel Flóvent has that gift. For years his emotive vocal and gentle guitar melodies have left us in awe and he hasn’t stopped today with the release of his new track Years. It opens gently with only his soft vocals and quiet guitar but soon builds into a majestic ethereal bang filled with heart wrenching emotion. It is breathtakingly beautiful, capturing those moments of heartbreak, the moments of joy, the moments of sadness, the moments that define us. It captures what it means to be human, what it means to be alive.

“Years is a song about overcoming fears and inner demons with time and patience. Believing there is someone there for you always and forever. I wrote Years to describe fear and anxiety in a picture, rather than words. I mean, jealousy is obviously a very ugly thing and I’ve kinda got myself to the point where I’ve ruined my relationships because of it. I’m not normally the jealous type, but fear can make you do strange things.” – Axel Flóvent


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