Devon Welsh – Comedian


Last Friday former member of duo Majical Cloudz, Devon Welsh, released his debut solo album Dream Songs. A spellbinding debut with an ambient minimalistic production that gives each track an intimate feel where Welsh’s alluring vocal guides you through a wave of emotions and effortless storytelling.

“The music on the album represents what’s happened in my life in the last few years, and I hope it shows my love for everyone who took part in that time with me. My friends and family have supported, loved, challenged and laughed with me and that is what I like to write songs about. I want to love more and better, I want to surrender more, I want to live with less fear, I want to participate in healing and connecting. I think I subconsciously write about the things I’m hoping for, and the songs on this album are about those desires.” – Devon Welsh


However one track truly stood out on this album and that was Comedian, a true juxtaposition where a comedian would usually bring you laughter this track will leave you with tears in your eyes. The haunting cello already had me captivated but it was the lyrics of this track left me awestruck. They’re pure poetry and take you on an emotional journey with the ominous atmosphere and intimate nature of the track enhancing impact these lyrics even further. A heartbreakingly beautiful track filled to the brim with emotion and album that is a must listen.

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