Augustine – Prom


As much as I love atmospheric melancholic night drives as the next person, Prom by Augustine feels refreshingly light, filled with laughter instead of loneliness, a happiness borne from simplicity: a four-on-the-floor drum pattern, muted licks of bass, piano chords that pass by like familiar streetlights. You can almost imagine the Swedish singer-songwriter cracking jokes with his friends while the calypso-like riff soundtracks their conversations, making quips about embarrassing memories, switching between sappiness and sarcasm (“Fuck it, I’m just trying to speak like you speak”) as if they were just at their lunch spot. For a song about “Prom,” the second-biggest event of high school (first being graduation…assuming you’ll graduate), Augustine plays it effortlessly low-key, one hand on the steering wheel and the “windows gone.” It’s a bit bittersweet (“Just for one last night”), knowing that goodbye will come soon, but until then, the night is rendered into forever: “Baby, time will rinse before I hit the sun.”

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