Knightly – Red Tide


Burning like yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars, the southern-California based musician Knightly awakes herself from the depths of a dark slumber to forge an avant-garde pop track that lights up the nights sky. The artist has already been a ghost-writer for many years, having written for shows like World of Dance, Songland, Love Island and others, but as of late she’s been anything but a ghost with her solo career beginning to take off like rocket. Her saudade lyrics and candid narrative draws people into her world as she talks to us, not a courting talk, but a real in-depth conversation about her new-beginnings.

Red Tide, named after the real life ocean, angelically gives us snapshots into her existence before she performs an inner exorcism to awaken herself and force herself to adapt to the world she’s apart of. The near-mediative quality of her vocal lulls you into a tranquil state of mind with her future Pegasus Award winning lyrical stylings evoking high amounts of fervent emotion that her minimalistic soundscape seamlessly weaves in-between. If you’re looking for a pop artist who’s ready to take the world by storm, look no further.

“This record is about my most recent awakening; an extremely difficult inner exorcism, like a firework, forcing me to wake up from a depthless slumber. Just like Red Tide in the real ocean, I’m upwelling, and learning how to glow in the dark.”

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