Weston Estate – Where Do We Go

As far as heartbreak anthems go, I think it’s safe to say that Frank Ocean is the king of them, but Weston Estate are certainly putting themselves forward as a future contender with Where Do We Go. They’ve already openly claimed to be “ya aunty’s favorite boy band,” but with this drop I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become the soundtrack to the heartbreak of teenagers across the USA and soon the world.

On first listen you’d hear this as a song that portrays a relationship coming to the end of its shelf life. You look back upon moments with bittersweet joy, reminiscing about the hours you’d spend together where no words were spoking, the times you’d do something utterly absurd before promising not to mention it anyone, and romantic evenings where you realised how head over heels you were. All of this makes you question if you made the right decision leaving, but on close inspection you see the song is about the introspection that comes from post-breakup clarity. The song becomes about grappling with blazing our own trail and balancing the noise from others.

The introspective lyrics detailing their internal battle delivered by honey drizzled vocals over an intimate soundscape, it’s clear as day that Weston Estate have a special flair that is intoxicating.

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