Faith Zapata – Company

With the frigid and dismal weather that winter brings us, it’s easy to get engulfed by melancholy feelings. When it’s a dark, somber night, and the moonlight is seeping through the blinds of your window, you may want to turn on some music and let all your pent-up emotions pour out of the depths of your eyes. ‘Company’, released by the budding indie artist, Faith Zapata, is a tune that will allow you to do just that. It’s a graceful track that will leave your eyes red and puffy, but also leave you in awe of its angelic musicality. 

Unrequited feelings are something that we all wish we didn’t experience. Sometimes, they can even be hard to talk about. Faith was able to communicate those tough emotions through her vulnerable storytelling. Listening to this track reminds you of the familiar feelings of not receiving the same tender energy you give to someone else. Her words are powerful; they’re strong enough to bring you into her world and make you feel what she’s going through. Lyrics like “you held me near, then held me out at arm’s length,” hit hard and make the listener choke up on their tears. On top of that, Faith’s serene vocals marvelously complimented the beautiful stringed background, making the song even more emotionally moving. 

Total vulnerability isn’t common, but when you stumble across it, it’s unforgettable. ‘Company’ is an example of that rare find. Faith Zapata’s writing is remarkable, and with each note that escapes her dream-like voice, we are transported to her sentimental world.

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