SK-47 – It Was Me

Barely scratching the service of his multifaceted sound, hitting the sweet intersection between drill and grime, SK-47 is growing to become one of Southeast London’s biggest hip-hop artists. All this man needs is a solid beats and he’s able to lyrically wax off a story that keeps you on tenterhooks. From his fiery freestyle that are reminiscent of a vintage Stormzy, to his latest EP SK 24/7 that sets him apart from the UK crowd, SK-47 isn’t here to play. He’s here to make an impact.

It Was Me is him at his best. The beat creates the pulsating backdrop for SK-47 to lay down his bars and get us instantly invested in his storytelling. He’s not hiding behind a facade or pretending to be somebody he isn’t, he’s going in with fervent lyrics that pack a powerful punch. You can easily see him playing this at his next gig with his fans screaming every word back at him. Dive into this young artist because he’s got that special something.

“I made the song ‘It Was Me’ nearly 2 years ago and it was inspired by Central Cee’s release ‘Pinging’, in fact, I originally wrote it to the same beat. When Central says ‘selling them party drugs I’m the one that got the party pinging’, I knew it was mostly lies or massively exaggerated (cap) so I had to make this song to give the music fans the truth from the streets. Hence why I say, ‘It was me, not Cee, got the party pinging’”

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