Bebe Stockwell – Love Me Back

After hearing one graceful note of Bebe Stockwell’s celestial sound, I became completely enamoured by her. There’s an aura surrounding her music that’s so special, allowing you to venture deeper into intimate world she’s bestowed upon us as she embraces her unique folk sensibility through a dreamy array of acoustic guitars and ambient drums. She’s captured lightning in a bottles, finding beauty within the pain of heartbreak. As the summer season arrive we’re usually inundated with feel-good anthems that match the scorching weather we’ve fallen for, Stockwell cuts through this to deliver a poignant debut that’s just magical. There’s no other way to describe it other than that.

Love Me Back doesn’t require any big bells or whistles to grab your attention. All it needs is Stockwell’s superlunary timbre and gut-wrenching lyrics, leaving any listener enraptured by her delicately sentimental storytelling about melancholic, loved-up daydreaming. Her introspective lyrics are akin to a journal entry, deeply personal, intimate and contains a level of nuance that’s almost impossible to describe. As I listen I can feel Stockwell’s pain dripping out of my headphones, cascading over my body in a wave dejection that makes her suffering all the more palpable. She allows you to confess your own pain in her kaleidoscopic world where you feel understood, letting the healing process begin through this moment of catharsis in the process.

Bebe Stockwell’s debut is called Love Me Back and it’s lucky for her that this single makes that as easy as can be. A truly standout single.

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